Is Blouberg the most Instagrammable spot in South Africa?

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Your heart skips with every new Insta follower. You can't remember a time eating without posting it online. Your fondest memories are sepia toned. Sounds like you? Yup, you're addicted to Instagram. As a local, there's some good news you'll 'heart'. Blouberg was voted the most Instagrammable spot in South Africa and the fifth in the world overall. South Africans have reacted with pride. In fact, there's already been a song released on the topic.

In securing its place, Blouberg was ranked by Big 7 Travel according to its visual appeal and popularity on the social media site. Of course, we didn't need Big 7 Travel to tell us what we already knew. If you have any doubts about Blouberg's Insta-worthiness, here's the evidence to set you straight.

Exhibit A: World-class beaches

Instagram is filled with beach shots. Blouberg is the perfect place to join the fun. The area has two beaches that will bring something special to your feed. Bay Bay is incredibly photogenic with its white sands, beautiful boardwalk and breaking waves. There are often opportunities for great dolphin, birdlife and whale sightings. Big Bay is also a reasonably safe spot to get out your camera and get snap happy. Little Bay is on the quieter side which can be a blessing. Without crowds, you can take pictures of that romantic picnic or walk with your furbabies in peace.

Exhibit B: Dazzling watersports

When you're a surfer, bodyboarder or swimmer, sharing your exploits online is incredibly satisfying. Blouberg's beaches are ideal for the active. The shores are clean, the waves are exhilarating and the weather is usually pleasant enough to stay out longer. If you're not an aquaphile, it's still a welcome opportunity for an Insta story. Surfing tricks, colourful kitesurfing and a fisherman's catch are made to impress your followers.

Exhibit C: Stunning views of Table Mountain

Game of Thrones, you can keep your giants. We'll take the majestic presence of Table Mountain any day. Whatever you're doing, you'll find it to be the perfect backdrop to your picture. If you're also at a loss for words, the mountain can help. Did you know more than 800 000 people visit Table Mountain every year? Or that it's home to unique species like the Table Mountain ghost frog? That's fun fact gold right there that your followers will eat up.

Exhibit D: Jaw-dropping sunsets

You know how beautiful pictures can turn out at sunset. The soft, golden light turns an ordinary scene into an extraordinary one. Clouds have an azure colour that adds a touch of drama. With Blouberg's sunny weather, you can expect the ideal conditions for your pictures.

Exhibit E: Mouth-watering food

Your food tastes good. But, it has to also draw in the likes and comments on your profile. Thankfully, Blouberg's restaurants win on both accounts. You can expect a quality dining experience with culinary eye candy to match. Get your camera ready for Our Place's artfully plated croque monsieur, Homespun by Matt's 'avant-garden' palate cleanser in test tubes and waffles the size of your face at Big Bay Waffle Company. It's no wonder Blouberg pulls in the in-crowd.

Exhibit F: Fab Fashion

Fashion is the 4th-most-popular hashtag on Instagram with over 456 million tagged pictures. Breathe. You'll stand out with the help of Blouberg. Bayside Mall has a number of your fashion favourites like Foschini, Miladys and Trueworths. There are also prominent fashion designers in the area who can tailor outfits that will get you more than a few compliments online.

You're missing out if you're not in Blouberg. There's something here to pretty anyone's Instagram profile. A home in Blouberg gives you access to everything your social media status deserve. Let Seeff Blouberg lend a helping hand. If you would like to discuss your next property move, don't hesitate! Email, call or send us a direct message today.

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