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It is undeniable that property is the single most valuable asset a person could ever own. So it only makes sense that when a home owner decides to sell their property that they have a process that is made easier and more efficient rather than suffering through unnecessary pitfalls and complications.

When dealing will clients Seeff Strand approaches each home owner as an individual as opposed to applying the same market theory to every seller. In essence we ask: 'What are the client's needs?'  We ask this question because it will assist us in listing the owner's property, marketing their property and ultimately; selling their property.

There are however certain measures one could take in order to ensure that the owners' needs tie up with what the market expects when buyers approach it looking for the right property. Seeff Strand highlights here some important facets for each owner to consider when selling their investment in the Strand area. 

Priced to sell

When employing agents Seeff Strand takes perfect care to select individuals that are well suited and have the necessary skill set and competency in order to conduct the services of a Real Estate Agent correctly and efficiently. Our interns are mentored for a year and also undergo their FETC in Real Estate (NQF4) to enable them to provide the best possible service to clients.

In this regard, they are well equipped to provide sellers with informed advice on all matters relating to the potential sale of their property. It is very important that the seller in conjunction with their own needs also consider the advice given to them by our expert agents. 

Pricing is one of these instances because our agents will always provide the most relevant market related price for an owner's property; best enabling the property to sell. We would never over-price a property with the view of obtaining a mandate as this would not be entirely ethical and would impede the rate at which the property could sell.

The Mandate Factor

Each owner when selling their property wants to do it in the quickest space of time with minimum-to zero effort on their part; thus one of the many appeals to using a Real Estate Agent. In this way they might instruct many agents or agencies to list their property with maximum exposure in mind.

At Seeff Strand we accommodate clients' needs but would still advise that an owner signs a sole mandate to ensure three fundamental principles: Accountability, efficiency and Advertising scope. These are fundamentals that are acutely highlighted when signing a sole mandate with a specific agent.

Hosting that Show House: 

Although the prospect of opening ones home to the general public for two hours on a weekend might seem daunting, it is still the best way to ensure that more prospective buyers sees ones property than just advertising it. 

The two major benefits lay in the exposure. First of all, many interested parties are invited to view the property at one time limiting different appointments at odd hours. Secondly, buyers are known to appreciate what they can see. Opening ones home for two hours gives a potential purchaser that opportunity.

First impressions

In order to maximize the impression an owner's property will make on potential purchasers, it is always important for a seller to understand that first impressions will matter. Tidying a property with the view of lessening clutter is one way in which an owner can already enhance a favourable impression. Owners or tenants, if the property is being rented out, should also make sure that the home is in a clean and presentable condition before potential buyers come by to view.

If the property has not been painted in a while, it may also be worth considering as sometimes it only takes a new coat of paint to make a property look fresh and presentable to the public eye.

Full disclosure

When selling their property it is also very important for the owner to disclose defects or explore suspicions they might have regarding possible defects as to disclose these to the agent when the property is being listing. If a property sells and defects have not been disclosed it could lead to complications with the new owner later. 

The purchaser after all, has a right to know the extent of the defects of the property they are purchasing and Seeff Strand believes in conducting itself with forthrightness in all property related services we conduct.

Our commitment

In closing, Seeff Strand when offering property related services in the past has built a reputation in our town & area for efficiency and integrity. That is our benchmark that we implement when assisting all of our clients. Whether a client is buying, selling, renting or letting through us, they can rest assured knowing they are being assisted by the market leader and receiving the soundest possible advice.

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