#BeTheLegacy: Celebrate Mandela Day in Edenvale

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Icon. Hero. Leader. Peacemaker. Nelson Mandela lived an incredible life. He spent 67 years serving his community, his country and the world. On his birthday (18 July), you can follow in his footsteps. By giving 67 minutes of your time, you can spread the goodwill he strived for. Your act of kindness - however big or small - counts. Here are some ideas to help you take action and spark change in Edenvale.

Make a new friend

Tata Madiba built bridges and united a divided nation. "Our human compassion binds us", he emphasised. You can champion the spirit of ubuntu by getting to know your community.

Pay it forward: The Edenvale Bowling Club is a wonderful place to start. They have a diverse membership and events like live entertainment, quiz nights and braais that anyone can enjoy.

Help a person get a job

6.2 million South Africans between the ages of 15 and 64 years are unemployed. By giving someone an opportunity, you can save them from poverty, crime and depression.

Pay it forward: You can share a position on the Edenvale Jobs Facebook group. You could also post helpful tips online to help someone break into your industry.

Support a soup kitchen

Put yourself in the shoes of the less fortunate. Hunger and loneliness are constant. Soup kitchens are a chance for them to tuck into a warm meal, see a friendly face and escape the cold.

Pay it forward: You can ladle a generous dollop of compassion at Khanyisa Trust Soup Kitchen. Don't have the time? Cash donations are always welcome.

Read to someone

With every turn of the page, you can help the sick forget their illness. With every word, you can take a child on a journey. With every story, you can bring joy to the elderly.

Pay it forward: Visit Edenvale Library to find some literary magic. If you need help, friendly staff will point you in the right direction.

Start recycling

Popular Pixar film, WALL-E, was a warning. If we don't care for our surroundings, we'll be left with a barren, lifeless Earth covered in junk. Think green! The next generation will thank you.

Pay it forward: It's simple. Reuse what you can. Reduce what you don't need. You can also sign up for a recycling service like ECOmonkey to collect and recycle your waste.

Fundraise for the disabled

Disability can happen to anyone. With 3 million people in our country affected, you have the power to better their lives.

Pay it forward: Little Eden cares for children and adults with profound intellectual disabilities. You can set up a Doit4Charity or BackaBuddy fundraising page with Little Eden as the beneficiary.

Donate to the SPCA

It's not just people that need help. Our furry friends also need some support. The SPCA prevents animal cruelty in all its forms. The task is not easy so every cent matters.

Pay it forward: Lend a helping paw to SPCA Edenvale. You can sponsor R67 for general expenses, R167 to maintain the kennel heaters or R670 to sterilise an Outreach animal.

Plant a tree

Trees are nature's superheroes. They give us shade, food, oxygen and beautify our surroundings. They're also a home for wildlife.

Pay it forward: It takes seven to eight trees to support the average person. Get yourself to a garden centre quicker than you can say "I am Groot" and make your mark.

Eat at an ethical restaurant

Here's a delicious way to make a difference. Eat ethically in a way that supports local farmers, reduces your carbon footprint and ensures the sustainability of our resources.

Pay it forward: Stop by La Terrazza Caffé for a hearty home-cooked Italian or Mediterranean dish. They only cook organic chickens that are hormone-free.

Learn first aid

Tragedy can strike at any time. Why not use the day to learn first aid? You can empower yourself to save a life and prevent accidents from happening.

Pay it forward: Book a course with Aid at Hand. You'll learn under an expert health care professional until you can perform first aid with confidence.

The hope of Mandela Day is that you will be inspired to continue your charitable work for the long term. With so much to get involved in, Edenvale is the place to embrace your inner humanitarian. View our listings and make contact today.

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