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The feel of the wind in your hair. The fresh spray of the ocean against your face. The slice of your board on the water. Your heart soars as you're lifted up into the air, and then back down again. Kitesurfing's fun, and in the right place, it can be incredible. Langebaan is one of them. The Western Cape town is widely recognised as a top adventure destination in South Africa. If you're looking to fly high, Langebaan is waiting to give you the thrill of your life.

Here's a roundup of the best reasons to visit Langebaan for a kitesurfing experience.

Langebaan's just breathtaking

Langebaan is a kitesurfer's paradise. It boasts relatively shark-free, clean waters and low crime. The waters are blue and inviting. When you're on those pristine beaches, you'll be free to take in sunsets and admire the natural beauty of the coastline. The area has many different types of birdlife which adds just another level of richness to your kitesurfing experience.

There will almost always be wind

What's kitesurfing without wind? A day to stay at home. Thankfully, your high hopes will usually be rewarded during Langebaan's peak season. From around October to March, you'll get more than the 12 knots needed to get your kite skyborne. You can expect averages between 22-28 knots courtesy of a strong south-easterly wind.

Lots of kitesurfing schools

Whether you're just starting out or want to master new tricks, Langebaan will help you meet your kitesurfing goals. There's a number of kitesurfing schools in the area to train at.

Kitesurfing Langebaan is the only school directly on the edge of the lagoon. They offer a range of beginner, intermediate, intense and refresher courses. You can also rent equipment from them, and enjoy their accommodation after a tiring day in the water.

Windtown Kite School boasts a 5-star rating on Google Reviews. They have friendly and qualified staff who are passionate about kitesurfing. Windtown can also customise their courses for your unique needs.

WindChasers Kitesurfing School offers different training packages over two days. Their lessons include two-way radio communication, equipment and certification.

You have your pick of kitesurfing spots

You can choose to kitesurf at the main beach or Langebaan Lagoon. Each is well located near restaurants, shops, and close to Langebaan Privaat Hospitaal if there's ever an emergency.

Langebaan Lagoon is a large, sheltered spot with flat waters. Because it's connected to the sea, there will be strong tides at times. The lagoon has warm waters which will keep you kitesurfing longer. During the peak season, you will enjoy constant, steady winds. It's a great place for beginners, and offers the chance for freestyle and freeride kitesurfing.

The main beach is also good for beginners. With choppier waters, there's also enough to appeal to advanced kitesurfers. The currents will ensure you keep close to the shore. In the afternoon the wind picks up, adding to the excitement. It does get busy but the reduced space makes for more of a challenge. There are also a number of services to keep you safe. The Langebaan Kite Rescue, pioneered by kiter, Adam Barnard, will pick you up if you're in trouble. The NSRI charge a fee but are ready to assist you as well.

Fantastic places to eat at

Kitesurfing will leave you with an appetite. Langebaan rises to the occasion with many fine eateries and drinking spots.

Kokomo Beach Bar & Restaurant is a vibrant seaside restaurant with a fantastic selection. You can eat salads, pizzas, seafood and various meat and vegetable dishes. The restaurant also has an indoor fireplace to warm you up after a kitesurfing foray. With a sundowner in hand, you can enjoy a lovely view of the lagoon.

If you're craving a good cup of coffee, head to Ginja Beanz Coffee Shop. Together with a slice of their cheesecake, you'll be refreshed. This family-driven restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere to wind down after a long day.

You've made an excellent group of kitesurfing friends. Where do you take them? To Wunderbar, of course. Although it will be closed during June and July, it's well worth a visit in August. This bar has stunning views of the lagoon and a wide selection of drinks. With a kitesurfing audience in mind, their website provides a wind forecast and live beach cam.

Kitesurfing is addictive. When you feel the pull of the wind, you'll never look back. With Seeff, you can find a home, and enjoy Langebaan's next kitesurfing season. We have over 400 properties and homes for sale in the area. Browse our website, find your dream home, and get in contact with one of our property specialists today.

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