House vs flat: Which one is for you?

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Investing in property is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. The type of property can further complicate the matter. Is a house right for you? Or should you go for a flat instead? It's a tough decision that will impact the way you live.

At Seeff, we believe in helping you find your ideal property. After all, it's not just a home but the place where your story begins. We've put together pros for each property type you'd be wise to consider.

Choose a house if you enjoy your privacy

Whether you live in a flat or house, you'll always have a neighbour. However, a house gives you an edge in privacy. You're often divided by a stretch of road, fencing and garden space.

If you love to entertain, this is a huge advantage. Depending on your property, you'll have more flexibility to host parties with music and jovial guests. If you're big into renovating, this also allows you to update your home without frustrating your neighbours.

Choose a flat if you prioritise affordability

Right from the start, a flat can prove more affordable. They generally cost less to buy than a house. A small floor plan offers many advantages. Less space needs less attention. If you can clean up quickly and easily, you'll be more likely to do it yourself. You won't have to hire professional help to keep your flat spick and span. A small floor plan allows for less electrical points. You may very well save a bundle on electricity. A small space is also easier to cool and heat depending on the season.

The maintenance of exteriors is often left in the hands of your landlord or the body corporate. You won't have to worry about keeping pools, lawns or gutters in shape. You only have to focus on your flat interior.

Choose a house if you need more space

On average, houses are larger. This means more storage space which you'll need if you have a large family. You'll have more parking options, a clothes line and the opportunity to have a pet. Depending on the size of your home, an extra room can become a space for recreation or office work.

If entertaining remains an important factor, houses make it a lot more enjoyable. When there's patios, extra bathrooms and rooms for an overnight stay, your hosting becomes much simpler.

Choose a flat if you want more security

Living in a flat can give you peace of mind. Surrounded by so many neighbours can make it a challenge for burglars to break into your property. If you make a smart investment, your flat could feature the best in security. These include CCTV facilities, security guards and biometric access. Your security will also help to keep away beggars, salespeople and other unwanted visitors.

Choose a house if you have a green thumb

A garden is a wonderful place to reduce stress, spend time with the family and stay in touch with nature. If having one is non-negotiable, buying a house is a better choice. You can grow fruits, vegetables and herbs which will help you eat well and save money. A house surrounded by greenery is also much cooler than a flat and can increase your property value.

Choose a flat if you value community

The closeness of flat living can create lifelong connections. When your neighbour is only a few steps away, you'll have a friend who is there for you when you need them. Many flats boast communal spaces like rooftop decks, gyms and facilities like laundromats. These provide an excellent way to get to know your neighbours.

Whichever you choose, Seeff will help you find the home for you. As leading property specialists, we have built a reputation you can trust. Randburg is a great area featuring many beautiful flats and apartments. Take a look here, and make an appointment with our expert agents today.

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