Green spaces are good for your child's mental health

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Your childhood memories are amongst your favourite. Who can forget the thrill of swings, soccer matches, bike rides and frantic ice cream truck chases? Oh, the joy of long summers day with their picnics, braais and camping trips. Your younger days were well spent and new research agrees.

Know the study

Living in an urban area brings good sanitation, healthcare and education options. However, concrete jungles carry a risk of psychiatric disorders like anxiety and schizophrenia. Noise, air pollution, infections and poor socio-economic conditions can increase the risk of developing a mental disorder.

There's good news. A recent Danish study found green spaces can prevent this by up to 55% later on in life. The rejuvenating aspects of nature can help overcome the hustle and bustle and social stress of urban living. The longer your child is surrounded by leafy areas the better for them.

As you recall your happier days, pay a thought for your little one. Place has an impact that carries with them into adulthood. If you want to secure their well-being, one Mpumalanga town could very well be the key.

Lydenburg is your green getaway

Nestled amongst imposing mountains is the delightful town of Lydenburg. Here is a place filled with Dutch architecture, 4x4 trails, trout farms and craftsfolk. If you're searching for Jock of the Bushveld, you're on the right track. The town is one of the places where the famous South African novel's adventures take place.

Lydenburg's alternative name, Mashishing, means "long, green grass" in Northern Sotho. It's an appropriate description for a setting where you can embrace your green-seeking goals.

Here are some places in and around Lydenburg you should visit:

Lydenburg Park

Get your kid off the sofa and away from that cell phone. There's plenty of family fun to be had at Lydenburg Park. You can set up a delicious picnic while they take to the swings or explore the natural wonders of the area.

Nooitgedacht Trout Lodge

This luxury lodge lies in the heart of South Africa's most captivating natural wilderness. You can fly fish, go on a game drive, hike, shoot clay pigeons, ride horses and take on a 4x4 trail.

Gustav Klingbiel Nature Reserve

Lydenburg's closest nature reserve lies next to the scenic Long Tom Pass to Sabie. You'll get to hike, bird watch, bike and take in some beautiful mountain views. The nature reserve is also the site of the annual Lydenburg Heritage MTB Race and Trail Run.

Trout River Falls

Take a short drive outside Lydenburg and you'll be rewarded. This farm is surrounded by indigenous forests and boasts an awe-inspiring waterfall and a relaxing ambience. It's a must for every trout fisher.

Dick Heysteck Game Farm

You can see the big 5 in one go. Dick Heysteck, a local artist, created a number of animal and human sculptures in the early 1980s. It's quite something to see these concrete, steel and chicken wire creations standing in perfect harmony in the grassland along the road.

Mashakeng Stadium

Sport unites people and this is best witnessed at Mashakeng Stadium. The recreational area was proudly revamped in 2016. It can help turn your child into the next sporting hero with its soccer, netball and basketball facilities.

Kromklip Function and Recreation Resort

Your kids will love camping here. It's the chance to sleep under the stars and wake up to a stunning sunrise. There's smores, horror stories by the fire and playtime in the outdoors. This resort makes it even better with a lovely dam, pool and bathroom facilities.

With so many natural escapes in Lydenburg, your child will have every opportunity for a healthy life. You can maximise their development by moving to the area. Check out our property listings and give our Lydenburg branch a call.

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Lydenburg, Mpumalanga

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