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Victoria West is situated on the N12, halfway between Cape Town and Johannesburg, lies between two mountains and has grown into a thriving Karoo town.
Although Victoria West is a small town, it possesses over many features larger communities do not have. Victoria West is steeped in tradition, has a long history and an atmosphere of pride and friendliness and the love for the open field, is still characterized by its residents.

Victoria West lies within the Succulent Karoo with extreme summer/winter as well as day/night temperatures. The result is an interesting mix of plants which have adapted to these arid conditions. Generally the best flowering time in Victoria West is during spring when Gazanias, various daisies, vygies and the yellow wild pomegranate paint the landscape with beautiful colours.

Victoria West is home to several kinds of farming activity, some not to be found elsewhere in South Africa. The Karoo is famous for its merino sheep and wool industry, its mohair industry and the rearing of ostrich chicks. The fauna generally encountered around the village of Victoria West are beautiful herds of springbuck amongst the predominantly Merino sheep of the district.

Victoria West has much to offer and can easily fool the traveller charging through in a hurry from North or South. The way in which the Victoria West main street lies at a right angle to the N12 Highway, is rather unusual, and serves to 'hide' much of the town from the highway traffic. This makes the main street of Victoria West much quieter and serves to make it even more charming.

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