Oh, the horror! Exorcise these decor blunders ASAP.

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Have the neighbours stopped coming over for a cup of sugar? It could be your home decor. It's easy to get into a rut and hold onto those horrors - ahem - treasured keepsakes from the past. But, your home is a reflection of yourself. You want it to scream "good taste" to friends, family and even potential buyers. So here are decor mistakes lurking in your home you may want to say goodbye to.

Shag carpeting

Comfy and cheap, shag carpets were all the rage in the 70s. Now it feels more dated than retro. If you're looking to make your home stylish, it's time to keep that fluffy delight away.

Banish it: Oft for wool or nylon. They're comfy, stain resistant and pleasing to the eye.


With your taxidermy, you were aiming for safari chic. Sadly, you may have created a look that's tacky, clunky and at worst - a little offensive.

Banish it: Your home should be a celebration of life. Animals can be inspiring so go for handcrafted wire sculptures or add animal-printed cushions or runners.

Fuzzy toilet lid covers

Sure, your toilet's not the prettiest part of your home. Adding a fluffy, bright-coloured cover won't help matters. If too thick, they can even stop the lid from standing up.

Banish it: Sometimes all you need is to replace that cracked or discoloured toilet seat. Your toilet isn't the focal point so get creative with plants and art.

Beaded curtains

It's exciting that Boho is making a comeback. What isn't? That trail of beads you've had for years. Do yourself a favour and think outside the box for hippy-cool surroundings.

Banish it: Indulge your love of beads with your wardrobe. For a laid-back boho feel, use rustic furniture, vintage fabrics and plants.


Noisy, heavy and leak-prone, there's very little about them that remains groovy. Switch to an alternative that's in with the times.

Banish it: From eco-friendly natural fibres, bouncy pocketed coils to durable memory foam, you have plenty of mattress options.


Everyone has that relative who coordinates everything from the chairs to the curtains to the candles. If it's you, you have our condolences. This trend is out.

Banish it: If your home looks like a showroom set, you're afraid to experiment. Remember, you're unique. Let your personality shine through different colours and textures.

Popcorn ceilings

"That popcorn ceiling is divine," said no one in history. Applied for their imperfection-hiding and noise-cancelling qualities, they're no longer in vogue. You can find something easier to clean, paint and repair.

Banish it: For an interesting look, try wood planks, tiles or an unusual paint colour.

Plastic furniture covers

They keep the kids and pets from destroying your furniture. But, in your quest for practicality, you may have killed your room's vibe.

Banish it: If you can't replace your furniture with hardier alternatives, don't fret. You can use inexpensive throws and even a fabric protecting spray to keep them from harm's way.

Overdone ornaments

You know the look: a display cabinet groaning with trinkets. Sometimes it's mantelpieces. Sometimes it's side tables. Either way, it creates a cluttered appearance.

Banish it: If it's not near and dear to your heart, lose it. You can also opt for pieces that are both functional and pretty. If you're still battling, you can rotate your pieces monthly to keep your room interesting.

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