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When Macklemore and Ryan Lewis put out "Thrift Shop" in 2013, it became an instant hit. You know the song for its catchy beat, confident delivery and over-the-top video. Of course, the unusual subject matter raised the manicured eyebrows of more than a few fashionistas. 

"You know, I love thrift shopping," said Macklemore. "It's something that's been a part of my life since I was a young kid. I like to write songs about things that make me a unique person. Thrift shopping is one of those."

Flash forward to the present and thrift shopping is bigger than ever. As the festive season approaches, thrift gifts are predicted to be a major holiday trend. 

What's thrift shopping all about?

If you're budget-conscious or love searching for unusual gems, thrift shopping is for you. Thrift shops sell secondhand trinkets and clothing, often for charitable reasons. They've been around for a while. However, with a rise in pop culture references and a bottoming South African economy, it's become even more popular. You never know what you could find - a gorgeous dress that Kate Middleton would love or a vintage pocket watch that would make your dad's Christmas. 

Thrift shopping benefits

Exploring the shelves, bins and racks of a thrift shop can feel like a treasure hunt. Here are some of the reasons you should get thrifting. 

  • Green friendly: You're buying a gently used item, giving it a second life. Instead of buying a new item, you're helping to shrink your carbon footprint. 
  • Easy on your wallet: It's a great way to refresh your style, decorate your home or buy a gift when you're on a budget. There are some real bargains hidden in these stores. What you buy is often more durable so you'll also get great value for your money. 
  • Goodwill hunting: If it's a charitable shop, you'll be giving back to a positive cause. That's worth a rummage or two.
  • Find something unique: Thrift shops gather items from all over. Every visit gives you a chance to discover something new and exciting.
  • Have a side hustle: Look around your home. There may be scores of unused items you want to get rid off. By dropping them off at a thrift shop, you can do your spring cleaning and up your bank balance. 

Where to go around Goodwood

Do you love your retail therapy? But not such a fan of retail costs? No worries. You'll find Goodwood (and its surrounds) have plenty of sweet finds at low prices. 

Cash Converters Vasco

With its ample parking and wide selection, you'll have a pleasant shop. They also offer loans to fund your fab finds. 

Cash Crusaders

There's plenty to tempt you here from homeware, electronics to musical instruments.  

Pawn 'n Cash

Although small, there's a wide collection of knickknacks to sift through. It's very clean and well organised.

Mr Cash

This shop could hold a buy of a lifetime. Browse for jewellery, paintings, tools, appliances and much more. 

Salvation Army Charity Shop

Drop by Townsend Estate for a guilt-free shop. Your purchase makes a difference for the community's needy. 

Oasis Books & Bric-A-Brac

A stop here is good for the soul and your tummy. This charity shop's bakery has a wonderful selection of cupcakes, loaves of bread, pies and rolls.

Help the Rural Child 

Less than 20 minutes from Goodwood, this charity shop has quality secondhand goods at affordable prices. 

Saint Giles Charity Shop

Through this Rondebosch charity shop, you'll help the disabled and handicapped. There's lots of quirky clothing and household essentials.

Goodwood gives you access to great thrift stores. If you're looking for unique items at bargain prices, you'll find it here. You can make thriftiness a lifestyle with Seeff Goodwood. View our property listings and contact us at your convenience. 

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