Spring clean your mind, body and home

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Shake the chill of winter from your bones. Spring's arrived. Now you can swop your latte for iced coffee. After weeks of bundling up, you can finally pull those flip flops from the back of your closet. Nature celebrates with its very own colour festival. Bright flowers bloom, new grass appears and the sky dazzles like a sapphire.

The season of renewal is an inspiring time. You can press "reset" and start over before the year ends. With longer days, you have no excuse! Here's how you can revive your mind, body and home in the south-eastern suburbs of Cape Town. 

For your mind 

Work, family and your social life can take a toll on your brain. Just like your bedroom, your mind can use a declutter. 

  • Sleep well: Extra ZzZs are important for a positive mood, a sharp memory and better decision-making. A comfortable mattress can help! Pop down to the nearby Bedfellows to find your match. 
  • Be the better person: Unresolved conflict can weight you down. By apologising, you can relieve stress and heal. Saying sorry is easier with flowers and Flowercraft Fish Hoek can help you pick out a pretty posy.  
  • Breathe in and out: Yoga can be a powerful way to clear negative thoughts, fight depression and build your sense of self. Make time for a session at Cape Town Surf Yoga

For your body

Comfort foods and long spells on the couch were great in winter. Now your body might be feeling the effects. Spring (like its name suggests) is the perfect season to get fit.

  • Start a healthy diet: Fruits and vegetables are an important part of your diet. Why not visit Blue Bird Garage Food and Goods Market to fill up your kitchen with nutritious and delicious foods. 
  • Drink more water: Glowing skin, healthy kidneys and controlled calories are possible with more H20 in your system. If you find the taste boring, try sparkling or flavoured mineral water. Stock up at Capricorn Square's Pick n Pay or Woolworths.
  • Pamper yourself: A spa treatment can make you feel like a new person. If you've had a tough year, go get yourself a massage, facial or manicure. The south-eastern suburbs are home to many fine spas like The Majestic Spa.  

For your home

Winter brought with it mud, hot chocolate stains and all matter of clutter. Get the family together and work as a team to return domestic bliss to your home. 

  • Get rid of the junk: You don't have the time (or space) to be nostalgic. If you haven't worn that jacket or finished that book in years, get rid of them. Saving SARDA conveniently has a car boot sale every third Saturday of the month.
  • Improve your home: That leaky faucet, peeling paint and broken kettle drove you crazy all through winter. Get them fixed! There are so many professionals in the area you can turn to like Fix Forward and Watt's Plumbing
  • Shape up your garden: The heavy winter rainfall may have created a lush jungle in your backyard. Your garden is the first impression visitors get of your home so start trimming, weeding and pruning. Call on local gardening services like Cape Contours and Frank's Garden Services for help. 

Spring is a reminder that you can transform your life. Moving or renting in a new area can be a liberating experience. With Seeff Muizenberg, you can thrive in the south-eastern suburbs. We have lovely properties in Muizenberg, St James, Kalk Bay, Marina da Gama, Lakeside and Stonehurst Mountain Estate. Contact us today for your fresh start.

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