Knysna Film Festival: 8 films you won't want to miss

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Cinephiles, unite! Knysna's first film festival will kick-off from 29 October to 2 November. You've marvelled at Knysna's scenic beauty. Now you'll appreciate it even more for its rising film industry. What's in store? Only the best in local and international documentaries, comedies, thrillers and dramas. Here are some of the movies playing you should keep an eye out for. 

1. Mama Africa | Documentary

You know Mariam Makeba as the soulful singer of Pata Pata and The Click Song. But, did you know she was an outspoken advocate for a free South Africa? The film explores her life through archive footage, interviews and performances. A stirring tribute to a truly gifted artist, performer and activist. 

2. Super Cute | Comedy

"Sometimes big surprises come in small packages" boasts this film's tag line. And it lives up to its promise. This delightful short film tells the story of a criminal who comes up against the wiles of a surprisingly "super" 4-year-old. The team behind this film won the 48 Hour Film Project in Cape Town. 

3. Me & My Left Brain | Romance, Comedy

If you love Woody Allen films, you'll enjoy this quirky gem from director and actor, Alex Lykos. He plays the part of Arthur, a man unable to sleep the night before his job interview. The reason? He's bickering with his critical right brain (personified by a brilliant Mal Kannard) over whether Helen is interested in him romantically. 

4. Mulanje | Adventure

Mulanje is Malawi's most magnificent mountain towering up to 10,000 feet (3,000 metres). Known locally as the "island in the sky", its breathtaking nature captured the characters of this short film. They decide to leave the safety of their everyday lives to climb it. The team are pushed to their limits in the face of a scorching African sun, forest fires and rumours of vampires.

5. Blondie Maxwell | Thriller, Crime

In one scene, Blondie Maxwell is asked about her occupation. "I'm a private eye,'' she replies. "Wow, that's fab!", exclaims the gentleman. "No, it's not," she responds drily, taking the wind out of his sails. Meet Blondie Maxwell, a tough-as-nails freelance detective. Living off small investigations, she dreams of capturing Boloch, the most wanted man in the country with a huge bounty on his head. 

6. Simply Ben | Experimental

This dark comedy tells the tale of Ben, an emotionally detached office worker with an obsession for house plants. He covets a beautiful Juniper Bonsai which - alas - is purchased before he can get it. Ben devises a plan to make it his - and so the comedy of errors begins. 

7. The Recce | Drama

Didn't get to see The Recce at last year's Durban International Film Festival? Here's your chance. Henk Viljoen (played by Greg Kriek) is a South African soldier who's wrongfully declared dead behind enemy lines. With the enemy hot on his heels, the injured young man must fight for his life. Will he get back to his pregnant wife and family? This is vital viewing for Kriek's intense performance. 

8. Puppet Killer | Horror

Combine classic slasher movies with Takalani Sesame gone bad. This is Lisa Ovies's Puppet Killer in a nutshell. When Jaime and his friends head to the woods to celebrate the Christmas break, they are stalked by a psychotic killer. There are strong performances with clever twists that will intrigue your inner horror fan. A perfect film to get into the Halloween spirit. 

Knysna is well known for its natural beauty. From the sparkling lagoon, lush fynbos-covered hills to its golden beaches, the area is the definition of picturesque. With the start of the film festival, it's now a place creatives and film lovers can gladly call home. Claim your space with Seeff Knysna. Take a look at our listings and get in touch.

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