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You couldn't be prouder to be a South African right now. After a nail-biting match, the Springboks overcame Japan 26-3. Wipe that tear of relief from your face - it's not over yet. Our boys will play Wales on Sunday in the semi-finals. If you're in the Northern Cape, you're in luck. Springbok lives up to its name when it comes to getting the most out of the game. Here's the lowdown.

Before the match

If you're like the Springboks, you take your pre-match rituals seriously. To look the part, pop over to the local TotalSports for a Springbok t-shirt, jersey or cap. If you're a true fan, you'll even chip in for some facepaint from Superspar or Checkers. You'll look great in green and gold.

This may be a day you'll want to remember forever. Foto First has all your photographic supplies to capture your happy memories.

Be sure to stock up on nibbles at CJ's Biltong Nook. It has some of the best selection you'll ever taste.

Where to go

Pot & Barrel Pub & Restaurant

Previously known as El Dago Restaurant, the commitment to quality remains. You'll have your pick of all those World Cup foodie favourites. There's pizza, sirloin steak, fish and sweet potatoes. Grab your beer during half-time and take a break on the balcony. It's the perfect place to contemplate those killer plays and watch the world go by.

Address: 39 Voortrekker Street, Springbok, 8240

Tel: 027 718 1475

Wimpy Springbok

Wimpy and South African rugby go hand in hand. Remember that touching tribute they paid former Springbok scrumhalf, Joost van der Westhuizen? If the match is too tense, their tasty farmhouse breakfasts will put you at ease. There's even a sweet Sunday special: You can get any two classic or limited edition shakes for only R49,90. Now that's worth raising your glass to.

Address: 1 Voortrekker Street, Springbok, 8240

Tel: 027 718 3640

Springbok Inn by Country Hotels

You'll find the Springbok's Inn has upped their restaurant's game this year. There's a number of changes including a new kitchen manager. Step in for quaint cafe-style vibes and a frills-free menu. The restaurant can get busy so you'll have plenty of fans to debate tactics with.

Address: Voortrekker Street, Springbok, 8240

Tel: 027 718 1832

Desert Moon Spur Steak Ranch

This Spur has not one, not two but three TVs you can watch the match on. It's hardly surprising. Spur Steak Ranches is partnered with the Springbok Supporters Club to let young boys and girls be the flag bearers at all inbound international rugby test matches. They have a whopping breakfast selection from English breakfasts, waffles to avocado on toast. It's the perfect start to your adrenaline rush.

Address: Shop 11, Springbok Plaza, Voortrekker Street, Springbok, 8240

Tel: 027 712 1361

Hanánja Lodge and Restaurant

Take a six-minute trip outside Springbok and you'll find this local gem. The food is served in generous portions with a distinctively homemade feel. If South Africa lose their semi-final match (unspeakable!), there's plenty to do around here to pep up your spirit. Choose from mountain biking, quad bike routes to hiking trails.

Address: Farm Tweedam, Kleinsee Road, 6.1 km from Springbok, 8240

Tel: 027 712 1460

After the match

You've tossed back drinks, yelled at the screen and high-fived fellow fans. What's next? Take time to see some of Springbok's best attractions. There's the Blue Mine, South Africa's first (and now disused) commercial copper mine. For more mining history, you can go to the Namaqualand Museum. Monument Koppie is well worth a look at. This hill in the centre of Springbok is surrounded by Anglo-Boer War monuments. If you're a nature lover, be sure to visit the Goegap Nature Reserve. There's a wealth of wildflowers, wildlife and winding trails that will delight all.

Invest in Springbok

Whether you adore rugby or not, it's undeniable Springbok has so much to offer. Take advantage of its country charm with Seeff Springbok. Browse our listings and give us a call or email.

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