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Move over Cape Town. Just a little. Polokwane's profile is on the rise. In a Mastercard study, Polokwane was visited by more people than the Mother City. It's hardly surprising that Limpopo's capital city has become so popular. Take a trip and you'll find stunning landscapes, warm weather and the chance to get up close to all manner of wildlife. Of course, this nicks just the surface of what makes the area truly special.

Best of nature

Polokwane promises an outdoor adventure and it doesn't disappoint. Visit the Polokwane Nature Reserve to see white rhino, sable antelope, giraffe, impala, and more. Other attractions include the Polokwane Bird Sanctuary and Zanna Bird & Reptile Park.

For the artistic soul

Fun fact: Polokwane has more public sculptures per capita than any other town in South Africa. There's so much to inspire you. Admire the traditional crafts on display at the Polokwane Art Museum or unlock the mysteries of the area at the Hugh Exton Photographic Museum.

Steeped in history

You'll find historical insights at every corner. Ask locals about Polokwane-born Charlotte Maxeke, the first South African black woman to hold a graduate degree. Explore the lives of the Bakone people in a living open-air museum. Learn about the Stone and Iron Ages and go back to Voortrekker times at the Polokwane Museum.

Everyone has team spirit

Polokwane is home to some of our country's best sporting talent. You'd likely have heard of champion middle-distance runner, Caster Semenya, and former Springbok rugby captain, John Smit. The area celebrates an active lifestyle through its many sporting clubs and short circuit raceway.

Architectural wonders everywhere

The clash of cultures has created a colourful city. You'll be delighted by the Pedi, Venda, Tsonga and Dutch influences around you. Be sure to stop by The Irish House, a late-Victorian shop building (now a museum) and the award-winning Fusion Boutique Hotel.

A true health haven

A study by Men's Health magazine found Polokwane to be the healthiest South African city to live in. It's easy to see why. The area is known for its sunny weather, fresh air, spas and green space. In 2017, Polokwane was even named the "Greenest Municipality in South Africa". What an achievement!

Safer than you think

In Northern Sotho, Polokwane means "place of safety". With some of the lowest crime statistics in the country, Polokwane lives up to its name. The local law enforcement has made a concerted effort to discuss crime issues with the public and work on strategies to fight it.

Music is a way of life

"The world is full of joy,'' sang jazz singer, Judith Sephuma. She may very well be thinking about her hometown, Polokwane. The place has become a magnet for musical talent. You'll be impressed to know that SAMA-nominee, Dr Tumi and the acclaimed Polokwane Choral Society all have their roots here.

Food for the soul

Polokwanians take their food seriously. Your culinary experience will always have that extra something. For example, Saskia Restaurant pairs their dish fusions with modern versions of Rembrandt paintings as their decor. At Ambience Restaurant, you can tuck into burgers, pastas or toasted sandwiches under majestic jacaranda trees.

Speak your language

Another Polokwane claim to fame is its lingual diversity. Out of the eleven South African official languages, six are spoken here. These include Sepedi/Northern Sotho, XiTsonga, TshiVenda, isiNdebele, English and Afrikaans. Challenge yourself to pick up some new words in Polokwane. It will really change your perspective.

So that's Polokwane in a nutshell. It's the wave of a friendly local from a bus, vibey beats courtesy of CapricornFM and dramatic sunsets. There's an adventure around every corner. With Seeff Polokwane, you have a gateway to property ownership in the area. Have a look at our listings and get in contact.

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