Water restrictions and regulations update as we head into busier summer months

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With dam levels nearing 70% of storage capacity, a significant improvement from the 38% levels at the end of the previous winter, the City of Cape Town has advised that, effective from the 1st October, water restrictions are relaxed from Level 6B to Level 5. This means an increase in the personal water use limit from 50 litres to 70 litres per person per day as well as a lowering of tariffs.

The good rain and rising dam levels, is wonderful news for Cape Town. Please also be reminded that towards end June, the City of Cape Town promulgated amendments to its Water By-law. The most notable aspects for property owners and tenants include:

·         No irrigation of gardens between 9am-6pm, including from boreholes and well-points;

·       Toilet cisterns and shower head flow maximum capacity reduced to 6 litre toilet cisterns (from the previous 9 litres), and shower head water flow limited to 7 litres/minute (from 9.5 litres/minute). No need to replace these immediately if they do not conform, but when renovations or alterations are considered, the new installations must be compliant;

·         Pools to be fitted with a cover to avoid evaporation when not in use;

·         Potable water storage tanks must be impervious to sunlight to prevent bacterial growth;

·         No cross-connection permitted between potable and non-potable water systems on private property;

·         Where renovations trigger a building plan approval process, full details of water conservation and demand management system or alternative water systems must accompany the plans;

·         In new developments, water conservation and demand management systems, or alternative water systems, must be installed. Prior approval of the City is necessary; and

·      Landlords must record individual consumption in residential units let in a multi-tenant complex/block of flats, and inform the City of any contraventions.

With the onset of the warmer months and ahead of the new school and university year, we are beginning to see higher demand levels for property in the Rondebosch/Rosebank Sectional Title market. Regardless of the state of the economy and property market, there will always be demand for sectional title property close to schools and the University of Cape Town.

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