Surprising ways you can use these home appliances

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You're not imagining it. On average, the size of homes being built in South Africa is smaller. With a tough economy, changing trends and lifestyles, people are prioritising affordability and convenience over luxury.

Sure, your kitchen may not have the spaciousness your grandparents enjoyed. There's nothing stopping you from whipping up a storm. By investing in the right appliances, you can maximise the heart of your home. Here are exciting ways you can use these kitchen essentials and where you can find them in Claremont.


They don't just leave your dishes sparkling. Pop toothbrushes, plastic toys and pet bowls in to sanitise them. It sounds scary but you can also use it to cook salmon.

Shop it: Kenilworth Centre's Game has a DEFY dishwasher for R3,999.

Toaster oven

Think the humble toaster is a one-note appliance? Think again. You can use it to create tortilla chips, paninis, garlic bread and cook veggie burgers.

Shop it: Cavendish Square's @Home has a Morphy Richards toaster for R2,299.


Since the late 1940s, the microwave has become a firm kitchen must-have. It can revive your mascara, make onions easier to chop and get a stamp off an envelope.

Shop it: You can get a Midea Manual Microwave Oven for R699 at Pick n Pay.


The kettle is a handy helper for tea and coffee. Did you know you can use it to make noodles? In a pinch, you can also boil water and inhale the steam to clear a stuffy nose.

Shop it: There's a Salton Graphite Cordless Kettle for R259,99 with your name on it at Mr Price Home.

Food Processor

Chop, mix, grind - this versatile appliance does it all. Have you made your own body butter? Blend coconut oil, cornstarch and add essential oils for silky smooth skin.

Shop it: Head to Kenilworth Centre's Checkers for an Ottimo Food Processor. It's only R349,99.

Air fryer

Skip that pot of oil and buy an air fryer for healthier cooking. With holidays coming up, get creative. Bake pumpkin seeds for Halloween or try this gulab jamun recipe for Diwali.

Shop it: This Midea Air Fryer is yours for R1,999. Pick it up at Pick n Pay.


This is the underrated star of your kitchen. Not just for smoothies, you can use it to make powdered sugar or break down kitchen scraps for compost. You can even crumble oats and nuts together to make tasty granola bars.

Shop it: DionWired at Cavendish Square has a Russell Hobbs 1000W Satin Blender for R799.

Waffle maker

Put down the waffle mix and think outside the box. This cute appliance can make brownies, pizza and hashbrowns.

Shop it: Game has you covered with this SUNBEAM Waffle Maker SWM-200 for R249.


Your fridge is a storage genie. It can slow the discolouration process of nail polish, kill bacteria on your jeans and extend the charge time of certain batteries.

Shop it: Head down to Claremont Home Appliance Doctor for a wide selection of fridges.

Ice cream maker

Start a love affair with this appliance. You can go beyond ice cream and make slushies, yoghurt, gelato and frozen margaritas.

Shop it: Pop into DionWired for a Russell Hobbs Ice Cream Maker at R2,499.

Coffee machine

This might be sacrilege to javaphiles. But, coffee machine uses can range from boiling hot dogs, steaming vegetables and making instant oatmeal.

Shop it: Make your kitchen countertop cool with this Smeg Retro Espresso Coffee Machine for R6,599 at Woolworths.

When you love food, you deserve a kitchen that can support your passion. Trust Seeff to find your dream home in Claremont - whatever the size. With the area's impressive selection of shops, you'll be able to create the kitchen you've always wanted. Contact our property professionals today to get the ball rolling.

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