Role of estate agent enhanced by digital advancement and challenging property market

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Many newcomers have looked to technology or low cost offerings to secure business in a challenging property market. It stands to reason that a low cost solution can only offer limited services and hence, rely on "do-it-yourself", requiring a lot more from the customer. These companies are not backed by a track record and generally staffed by inexperienced interns. Many rely on a lower asking price to entice buyers, all of which means a low probability of sales success.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to selling property, and it requires a lot more than sticking it on property portals and sitting back and waiting for a buyer. Beside packaging and listing the property to achieve the best result, there are current market factors to take into account. Sometimes things can go wrong with a transaction which would require the intervention of an experienced and skilled agent.

Far from replacing, these newcomers have actually enhanced the role of estate agents who, in addition to offering the latest digital technology, provide a unique understanding of their local area of expertise and operation and much more.

In a challenging market, your local agent helps you to understand how to price and package your property to attract maximum buyer interest. The CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) is one of the tools used, but you also need to take into account factors such as the state of property, location, current sales and the market trends, and this is where a local area expert such as Seeff makes the difference.

Successful agents invest many years in developing their skills and expertise in an area including being exposed to the various property market cycles. Seeff brings over five decades experience and a track record of successful sales during the many ups and downs of the market.

Additionally, we offer best of breed marketing tools, from quality photographs and descriptions to listing it on all of the digital portals, but we go further by using various tried-and-tested marketing tools including digital marketing to our large database of ready buyers.

Selling property is a complex transaction with many legal intricacies and often require careful negotiation before a deal is struck which is acceptable to the seller and buyer. Once the offer is accepted, a whole process follows which needs careful management before transfer takes place and the deal is finally concluded. This requires experience and expertise backed by a proven track record and supported by top class systems, technology and infrastructure offered by Seeff.

Experience has proven that agents still sell more property and achieve higher prices for clients. There is no agency which offers more than Seeff.

While new Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni's recent mini-budget set the tone to a slow economic recovery, we can take comfort from the ratings agencies' decision to keep SA's rating stable and President Ramaphosa's successful investment drive as part of his recovery plan.

The lead up to the May 2019 elections is likely to still see a flat economy, and as a result the property market will remain on much the same footing as it is right now into the early few months of 2019 with conditions largely favourable for buyers. Sellers should therefore continue to be mindful of market pricing and work with an area expert who will give the right advice under the current conditions.

Home is our Story and property our passion. Dealing with our team means you get qualified, experienced agents who specialises in your area, and whose reputation and success has been hard earned.

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