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The youth have spoken! The Sunday Times Generation Next Awards was held last month. It provides a fascinating insight into the favourite brands and behaviours of youngsters (between eight and 23 years of age). One of the revelations: 'House' was a top 10 choice in the 'Birthday Wishlist 2019' category. Clearly, children value having a home. As a parent, you should remember this when making your next property purchase or rental. 

You want a home for all life stages as your family grows and your needs evolve. A key question to ask: What features will my family need for the future? We've put together a list to help.

1. Their own bedroom

Yes, your child can share with you or their siblings. But, you'll all come to appreciate if everyone has their own room. Give your child the freedom to decorate their space, study in peace and create their identity. They'll thank you!

2. A cosy kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. You'll definitely find this to be true. It's where family and friends gather, art is lovingly displayed and mouthwatering meals are prepared. It's the most-used space in your home. Find one that has enough room for everyone. 

3. Good school district

Your child's education is a priority. Quality schools boast high pass rates, dedicated staff and excellent facilities. Be sure to ask your real estate agent if the house on show falls within the right zone. Bonus perk: Thinking of selling or renting out your property at a later stage? Smart move. You'll sell quickly and fetch a higher price because you're in a sought-after area.

4. Near amenities

You want your child to reach their full potential. The right community can nurture their passions. Shopping centres are great for social teens. Active children will thrive if parks and pools are a short walk away. If your little one is a bibliophile, they'll love the nearby library. A carefully chosen home can make a world of difference for their personal growth. 

5. Pleasant play area

Sure, you're bound to find toys in every part of your home. But, having a dedicated area is important for your child's well-being. Whether it's a corner for arts and crafts or a garden for running, jumping and swinging, give them a place where their imagination can run wild. 

6. Space. Space. Space.

Kids have a lot of stuff - you'll need to find a place to put it all. Look out for built-in cupboards, hooks and spacious garages. These will help you store their items and keep the clutter from taking over. You'll also want high shelves and lockable drawers to place dangerous items like knives and disinfectants away from sticky fingers.

7. Secure environment

Why leave anything to chance? The homes you consider should have sturdy fencing, burglar guards on windows and high-tech security systems. It's always a good sign if there are security guards or regular neighbourhood patrols. You may also want ample garden space to keep a guard dog. 

Some home tour tips

You've surveyed the area and found some potential places. It's a fine idea to take your child to see some of them. Here's what you should do:

  • Schedule trips when they're well-rested. Weekends work best.
  • Pack snacks and water to keep them comfortable.
  • Bring along some games in case they get bored.
  • Ask their opinion. They may see things you don't. 
  • Drive around the area to get a sense of the community. 

At Seeff, home is our story and property our passion. With our Randburg team, you'll get the advice of experienced agents who will prioritise your family's needs. Let us guide you with our intimate knowledge of the Randburg area. View our listings and contact us at your convenience. 

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