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You've come for the beauty and - wow - you found it. Apricot-coloured sand dunes meet azure skies. Flamingos colour the area like pieces of rose quartz. Dolphins frame the horizon in an acrobatic display. The sparkling lagoon entices you with the promise of kayaking, boating and kitesurfing adventures. Fresh sea air fills your lungs, leaving you refreshed.

Is this paradise you ask? Close enough. It's Walvis Bay in all its glory. Arrive in July or August and you'll want to pinch yourself more than once. The port town is simply stunning during its peak season.

Walvis Bay at present

The day is sun drenched, clear and malaria free. As you drive around, you'll get to see more wildlife. The arid conditions have pruned back vegetation. You'll get an excellent view of animals as they gather around rivers and waterholes for a sip. At night, a chill covers the area, but you won't feel it huddled near a toasty fire. There's a touristy buzz but it hardly feels crowded. It's the perfect time to get the most from Walvis Bay.

What to do in Walvis Bay

  • Spot the wildlife: You'll take your birding to new heights in the Bay's 3,000-year-old lagoon. There's an impressive flamingo colony living here. You'll also spy plenty of pelicans, chestnut-banded plovers and curlew sandpipers. Kayaking gets you up close to bottlenose dolphins, Cape fur seals and leatherback turtles. For springbok and jackal sightings, head for the dunes.
  • Take a cruise: Yes, on an actual catamaran. It's every bit as good as it sounds. It's not unusual for pelicans and seals to jump on deck. You'll take pleasure in fresh oysters and sparkling wine as you take in the sights. Watch out for the black-and-white Pelican Point Lighthouse and small ships on their way from their expeditions. Oh, and if your child is lucky, they'll even be invited to steer the boat. What a treat!
  • Quad bike or sandboard: The quad bike is a thrilling way to traverse the desert in style. The nice part is that care is taken to ensure your ride has little impact on the delicate ecosystems of the area. You can also banish your fears and sandboard down a dune. It's a rush with the wind in your hair and your family and friends cheering you on. You can't visit Namibia without conquering "Dune 7", the highest sand dune in the area. It has some stunning views you'll never forget.
  • Explore the town: Walvis Bay is full of charm and worth taking a look around. The Walvis Bay Museum is filled with interesting memorabilia that covers the urban history of the area. You can also see the town's oldest building - the Rhenish Mission Church. For a round of golf, pay the Walvis Bay Golf Course a visit. Their nine-hole course is mostly sand (in keeping with the area) and features fast greens and tricky putting.
  • Taste the local cuisine: With all that travelling, you've probably worked up an appetite. The good news is that Walvis Bay is peppered with fine establishments. You'll find many South African dishes with a unique Namibian spin. You can eat braised oxtail, various types of seafood, beef fillet, potjiekos and even melktert. Don't be afraid to try local specialities like kapana (barbecued red meat), fat cakes and mopane worms.

Invest in Walvis Bay

Tourism is an important part of Walvis Bay's appeal. However, it's booming for so many more reasons. Its logistics, fishing, tourism, oil and gas industries have made it an important economic player in the country.

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Walvis Bay, Erongo

Affectionately pronounced "Wallfish" Bay by locals, Walvis Bay is home to an abundance of iconic birds such as pelicans and flamingos, as well as being within a stone's throw of sand dunes that will take your breath away. It is a town characterised... More Info