The wonderful weather of Mossel Bay

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Let's be honest: The weather affects almost everything you do. From what you wear, the activities you take on, to your mood, the weather shapes many decisions. One of the first things you do in the morning may be to check the weather for the day.

Living in the right location can give you peace of mind. South Africans are lucky to enjoy relatively warm weather. This is best experienced in Mossel Bay. The Western Cape town boasts some of the finest weather in the world.

Mossel Bay weather conditions

Mossel Bay's average annual temperature is 17.7 °C. The area experiences sunny, clear skies. In fact, visitors and residents can expect more than 300 days of sunshine every year. It benefits from strong but not excessive winds. For those who don't like cold weather, Mossel Bay is ideal. There are no recorded instances of frost or snow.

Mossel Bay weather is good for you

You know all that warm weather will leave you smiling. It's common knowledge that sunlight exposure increases vitamin D levels in your body. This can give you more energy and stronger bones. Vitamin D also helps you produce serotonin, which improves your mood.

Did you know sunlight can also enhance your alertness and mental performance? When temperatures are warmer, it creates the best conditions for your brain.

Have a heart or lung condition? Warmer weather places less of a strain on these organs. The exposure to light can also help you sleep better.

Mossel Bay weather is award winning

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Mossel Bay has one of the mildest all-year round climates in the world (second only to Hawaii). It was named Kwêla's 'Town of the Year'. In its description of the town, Kwêla spoke positively about Mossel Bay's beautiful weather. This also follows 2007 when Mossel Bay was named Rapport's 'Town of the Year'.

Mossel Bay weather is a point of pride

Head to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You won't have to scroll far to find a jaw-dropping picture of Mossel Bay. Tourists and residents have filled these platforms with images of sun-kissed beaches, gorgeous town horizons and hiking trails. What is common is the fair weather on display. As @imy_eye notes in her Instagram post, "there's never a dull day in Mossel Bay".

Mossel Bay weather is great for any occasion

With such pleasant weather throughout the year, there's much you can do. If you love the outdoors, you'll get to hike, fish, surf and even skydrive.

The warm weather also makes excellent conditions for bird watching. Avid spectators are likely to see white-faced ducks, Cape teals and Kittlitz's plovers.

True connoisseurs will take pleasure in the many wine-tasting venues in Mossel Bay. Whether you stop by ReedValley farm or Jakkalsvlei vineyard, you'll find a wine that pairs perfectly with the weather.

Consistently agreeable weather has helped Mossel Bay play host to prominent events. The Mossel Bay Sport & Recreation Festival sees thousands participate in over 40 different sports codes from boxing to sailing. The Mossel Bay Buffalo Rally attracts bikers across South Africa. It makes for an exciting weekend of braais, music and stunt shows. Another event, the Dias & Port Festival, is filled with family-friendly entertainment from fun rides, street parades to dancing.

With its lovely weather, Mossel Bay makes for picturesque living. Seeff is ready to help you settle in the area. As property experts, we have a flair for innovation and a commitment to excellence. View our Mossel Bay properties and homes for sale here, and make an appointment today.

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