The benefits of buying solo

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While buying property on your own comes with issues that are mostly related to affordability and obtaining a loan, there are also benefits of which the biggest is probably that you will never have to share the property with anyone or sell your portion if you and your partner had to separate.

Some more benefits include:

You don’t have to compromise: Whenever someone buys a property with another person – whether it is with a friend or a partner, compromise is inevitable. Couples who buy property together need to negotiate their tastes and priorities until both parties are happy – or at least satisfied! When you fly solo you can buy whatever you want without anyone’s permission or approval.

You don’t need to ask permission: You can do with your property as you please and don’t need to discuss any alterations with a co-owner. If you decide you want to sell the property you can also do so easily.

You can buy when it suits you and not the other person: If you buy a property with someone else you are dependent on their financial situation as well and have to wait until both of you agree that it is an opportune time to buy. If you buy alone you can do so at any stage, regardless of interest rates, price of the property of market favourability.

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