Secunda expecting an uptick in sales


Billy Fick, MD for Seeff Secunda, says he predicts this figure to increase with another 10% in 2019 and even though prices are relatively flat at the moment there are areas and property options that are in high demand that will soon be priced out of middle class markets.

“Most buyers in Secunda are looking for new, modern units, which are always smaller and more expensive than older houses. Homes in security complexes are also in high demand.
Most sellers are people moving away to explore job opportunities in other towns or who are down scaling due to retirement”.
Fick says that people from all demographics live and invest in Secunda and that the buyer demographic is diverse.
“Upmarket, modern homes in security estates in Secunda are priced around R4.5 million, while freestanding residential homes here can range from around R730 000 to over R4 million depending on the size of the home and in which area it is located”.
Fick continues that many buyers obtain property in Secunda for investment purposes as there are always contract workers looking for accommodation.
“Sasol is the major employer in the area and there are thousands of job opportunities created every year during their “shutdown” period.
Over 100 external service providers, contractors and subcontractors are involved, bringing thousands of people to Secunda and surrounds for this period.
Local developers and some investors also often buy older homes in Secunda and then subdivide them into two to four smaller homes which are then sold off plan or while still in the building phase.”
Secunda is 180 km from Pretoria and 135 km from Johannesburg and is easily accessible via the N17 that travels between Johannesburg, past Springs, Balfour, Devon, Kinross, Evander, Secunda, Terra Nova (an area that boasts various security complexes and a retirement village) and Trichardt, all the way up to Ermelo.
The town offers three high schools and four primary schools, as well as an independent Curro School. The neighbouring towns also offer their own schools.
The Secunda Mall opened its doors just over five years ago and offers most of the major retail stores, including Checkers Hypermarket, Game, Ster Kinekor and various family restaurants.
The Lake Umizi Waterfront offers accommodation, restaurants and events for family outings.
More recent developments towards the West of town include Builders Warehouse and WestPack and more entertainment opportunities in a newly developed area.

Another area that Seeff Secunda operates in is Evander, an area that offers large entry-level and commercial opportunities.
“While the most popular price range seems to be for property priced between R550 000 and R950 000, Evander also offers beautiful upmarket homes priced between R1 million up to R3.5 million that are especially popular amongst people who hold senior positions at Sasol.
There are a number of empty stands in Evander where buyers can build their own homes. Stands are priced from R600 000 to R1.3 million and some are ideal for developments consisting of multiple units".

Picture enclosed: This upmarket four bedroom home in Evander is listed for R3.7 million.

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Author: Tanya van Buuren Botma

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