Marketing property in the digital age

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The starting point of a successful transaction for an agent begins with the efficient marketing of a property; for an owner to a potential purchaser.

During the past year Seeff Strand has begun to re-evaluate the type of strategies we use when marketing a client's property and also how we reach the public.

It is an undeniable fact that there is still a major part of the property market that is reached by use of traditional marketing media. For this reason we still make use of this method.

Although, we have also begun to realize the potential behind utilising digital-and social media as a form of marketing and also an effective method of disseminating information to the public.

In doing so Seeff Strand has been able to reach more people through an always expanding online platform and increased our branch & brand visibility.

During the pioneering years in the property industry the methods of marketing that resulted in information reaching the public the fastest was generally perceived to be the most effective.

The approach of reaching the public at the fastest possible rate has also proven true for the digital era in the property industry.

Today we make use of all sorts of digital media from a basic electronic medium like email, to internet platforms like social media and more sophisticated methods; like online newsletters & digitised magazines.

Seeff Strand takes care to ensure that properties listed with us are advertised through both traditional-and digital marketing platforms.

In the digital age the best approach to take is to balance the traditional with the modern methods to ensure that most members of the market is adequately reached.

Author: Alten Vermaak & Eldie Gerber

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