Important value additions that will impact the price of your home

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1. If your home is due for a repaint, do it before putting listing. Buyers may be concerned about the possible costs of doing it themselves and this will probably be used to negotiate a lower price. If the home is priced correctly it will sell quickly because it is much more attractive with a new coat of paint. Keep the colours neutral to accommodate different tastes.

2. If there are possible maintenance issues, have them sorted professionally. Buyers and tenants may not view your property in the same light when they are confronted with small gremlins like loose facia boards, open or exposed wiring, damaged light fittings, cracked windows or doors that do not open easily. Since we are in buyer’s market at the moment, buyers and tenants will easily overlook your property when it is in a poor condition.

3. Upgrading old kitchens and bathrooms. Although properties that have been redone sell faster and a better price than properties that haven't been renovated, you need to keep in mind that the new buyer may not have the same taste as you when it comes to renovations. This is especially true with regard to kitchens and bathrooms. One needs to be careful about this option – once again use neutral paints and tiles, keep things simple and stylish and remember that any “statement” colours or tiles may put potential buyers off rather than attract them – even when the new fittings are modern.

4. A well-presented and well-maintained garden may not add value to your property but if will definitively help you to sell it faster. Consider spending some money at a nursery and to plant a few seedlings in the weeks prior to listing your home. Don’t choose plants and flowers that are very maintenance heavy or expensive to maintain as this may make the garden seem like too much work.

5. Buyers are looking for convenience and modern comforts like irrigation, fibre access and new euro spec electrical plug points. Anything you can do to create ease and comfort will probably appeal to the buyer.

Pretorius concludes by saying that a home will most likely sell for less than what it is worth in this market if it is in a poor and run down condition.

“Older homes in estates sell for around 10 – 15 % less than homes or apartments that are more modern.

In general older properties are also rented out for 10 – 15 % less than their modern counterparts”.

Author: Tanya van Buuren Botma

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