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Selling in 2019, some pointers

By now, sellers should be well aware that we enter 2019 still with a property market generally weighted in favour of buyers.

As we wait for the General Election in May to get out of the way so that we can get back to the business of economic and property market growth, property stakeholders need to remain mindful of the factors that drive the current market. Demand remains mutes and prices offered are still fairly flat, but there is opportunity in every market, you just need to know what and how.

Seeff’s agents provide some pointers:

Choose the right agent – while you may think that an online property portal can offer you a cheaper alternative to sell your home, experience has shown that an estate agent is generally still your best bet. While technology is part of the marketing process, it cannot accurately simulate or replace the market knowledge and negotiating skills of an agent. Most importantly, trust your agent and follow their advice in terms of how to best market your property.

Comprehend the market – every area is different and while some areas still fetch high prices, many have seen a decline in demand, especially in the upper price ranges. It is therefore best to get background information on how your local property market is doing right now. Important aspects will include what types of property is in demand, and at what price ranges. Again, this is something that only an experienced local area can provide with confidence.

Correct selling price – with so much competition on the online property portals, it is vital that you price your property in the correct range to attract maximum buyer interest. Buyers now have access to properties and information at a click and they can quickly compare other properties listed to what you are offering. If they do not see value upfront, they will simply scroll past and move on to something that better suits their desired value.

Curb appeal – in any market, you should always present your property in the best possible condition. That means ensuring that it is in a good state of repair and that all maintenance is up to date. This is also important as a buyer will always want to cut the price considerably if there are repairs and maintenance needed. To get the best possible price, you should ensure that your property looks appealing and is clean and clear of clutter for viewings and show days.

Consider all serious offers – if you are serious about selling, then you should seriously look at all offers. A serious buyer will be open to negotiation, but will not want to overpay for a property either. If you get a good price it also means that you can in turn take advantage of the current market conditions and move on to your next property.

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Author: Gina Meintjes

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