Cut your electricity bill this winter

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Winter spells a hike in electricity usage with longer nights and more need for heaters and kettles. This means the bills also skyrocket - leaving your bank account feeling cold too.

Not only will lowering your Eskom bill mean less stress at the end of each month, you’ll also be doing the environment a favour. Less electricity usage means less reliance on coal-powered generators.

Many people live with budgets in mind, so here are a few ways to cut your electricity bill this winter.

  • Key power savers - Appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines draw a lot of power, so only use them when they are full. This will also save water at the same time.

Purchase a geyser blanket to insulate your geyser or turn it off when not in use to stop it from heating up the water unnecessarily. Use electric heaters and electric blankets sparingly. The same goes for the microwave and electric stove.

Turn off the lights and unplug appliances when not in use. These small efforts can actually have an impact on your meter at the end of the month.

  • Use a multiplug power strip - This is an easy way to cut the latent charge that appliances draw when switched off. Plug a few of your appliances into a multiplug power strip and simply unplug the strip from the wall when you don’t need to use the appliances.

This will save you from having to unplug each appliance individually. The power strips often contain a surge protector too, which can protect your appliances in the event of a fault or lightning strike.

  • Keep fridges and freezers relatively clear - More food in the fridge means more to cool down. Fridges and freezers use less electricity when they aren’t filled to capacity. Cook less food and cut down on leftovers that need to be stored or frozen.

On the other hand, an empty fridge or freezer can be a waste of electricity too. Make sure that you have the right sized fridge for your household needs - not too big, not too small.

  • Cold wash your clothes - Set your washing machine to cold wash your clothes as this doesn’t use any hot water from the geyser. The less hot water you use, the better for your electricity bill. An added bonus to a cold wash is that fabric colours are less likely to run than with a warm wash.

  • Less television - Try to spend less time in front of a screen, whether it’s the television or a laptop. Although screens don’t use the most electricity, they still account for something when added up over the month. Try to play board games or interact with your family and housemates instead.

  • Clean your light bulbs - This may not be an obvious power saver, but dusty light bulbs mean less light. This will force you to turn on more to brighten up a room. With longer nights, having more lights on will increase your expense.

  • Clean your vacuum cleaner - Like light bulbs, a dirty vacuum cleaner filter can actually cause you to use more electricity unknowingly. Clean the filter or dust bag after each use. This will make the suction effect more powerful, the job quicker and will draw less current from the power outlet.

Reducing your power usage this winter doesn’t have to be difficult and the smallest of changes can save you some money at the end of the month. With extra appliances, such as heaters and electric blankets, you need to cut back on electricity consumption in other areas. These tips will make winter less expensive without compromising on warmth.


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