Benefits of using a mortgage originator (part 1)

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There are numerous benefits in using a mortgage originator such as Ooba. 

Firstly, the service is free. 

Secondly, the bond originator can seek the best interest rate available in the market for you and they are in a position to act on your behalf and work with all the banks to help you find finance for your property purchase. 

A bond originator like Ooba has a track record of success which means that almost 7 out of every 10 home loan applications submitted via them are approved. 

A bond originator takes the hassle out of the home loan application process as the originator will take care of all the administration and documentation and importantly, negotiation, on your behalf. 

The pre-qualification process will allow you to address any issues or past irregularities in your credit history to ensure that your buying process is smooth because you will know exactly how much you can buy for.

Author: Seeff

Submitted 21 Jun 18 / Views 493