2019 Harfield Village Carnival


One of 2019's landmark events fast approaches. With more than 12 years of experience under its belt, the Harfield Village Carnival has become a highly anticipated force driving fun, creativity, and unity across the streets of suburbia. All for the love of the community. This year, the Harfield Village Carnival hopes to raise up to R100 000 to put towards improving the security of the area by installing and monitoring crime prevention cameras. Funds will also be raised for the De Haide Special Care Centre and their efforts to help and maximize the potential of young disabled people. The 6th of April is set to be a day of fun festivities and a chance to give back.

The carnival will be held on 2nd Avenue in Harfield Village, and if you're driving through the area, will be very hard to miss. As is any convergence of creativity. Whether you're in the mood for excitement, or relaxation, the event won't disappoint. With a focus on developing the community, the Harfield Village Carnival has opened its doors to local businesses in support of their mutual love for the city we live in.

Some food stalls to look out for on the 6th would be Top Your Dog, Holy Macaroni, and Tacos Locos. You really can't go wrong. Celebrate the weird and wonderful by exploring the craft Harfield Village Carnival has on show, from Leather Candy, to Alow clothing, and everything in between.

Come and say hi! Remember the day years after and commemorate your carnival with a trip to the photobooth, courtesy of Seeff.

An estimated 15 000 people will be a part of the festival this year and it is for this reason that the event's organizers have cautioned motorists that traffic will be dense across 2nd Avenue's surrounding areas, and that several roads will be closed for the carnival's duration. Attendees have been advised to make use of taxi services when commuting through to the carnival.


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Author: James Guy for Seeff Southern Suburbs

Submitted 02 Apr 19 / Views 745