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Queenstown, now Komani, is located in the middle of the Eastern Cape of South Africa, roughly
halfway between the smaller towns of Cathcart and Sterkstroom. It is the commercial,
administrative and educational centre of the surrounding farming district.
Queenstown is known for its roses, climate and friendly people. During spring, the town's gardens
and streets become ablaze with colour.
Queenstown lies at the foot of the Hangklip Mountain on the Komani River, close enough to the
Wild Coast and Karoo Heartland to make it a favoured stopover. The area is scenic and a hive of
activity for outdoor enthusiasts who can enjoy trails, rivers, rocks, mountains, hiking, climbing,
fishing, and mountain biking and canoeing.
The Lawrence de Lange Nature Reserve, set on the slopes of the Madeira Mountain just outside
Queenstown, has a number of trails worth exploring, spectacular examples of flowering plants, and
an array of different antelope that include blesbok, springbok and zebra. The reserve also has
incredible views from the mountain summit.

The Bongola Dam which supplies the town with its water is set in the hills surrounding Queenstown
and is a great day out for picnics and water sports.
Queenstown is a prosperous farming district. Many of South Africa's best cattle and sheep are bred
in the area. Beef and dairy herds abound, as do mutton and wooled flocks of crossbred and merino

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