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Prieska is located at the foot of the Doringberg on the southern bank of the Orange River in the
Northern Cape of South Africa.
The name Prieska originated from a Khoisan word which means "The place of the lost she-goat".
The town was administrated by a village management board and attained municipal status in 1892.
The municipality is known as "Siyathemba", which means "Our hope".
Prieska has an interesting mining history. Copper and zinc was discovered in 1968 and the Prieska
Copper mines became one of the country's major base-metal mines, the first to have a decline from
surface, using open mining methods. Copper was a more valuable product, although more zinc was
produced until that became less profitable, resulting in the mines closure in January 1996.
The town's main income is generated by irrigation, cattle, and sheep and game farms. The railway is
still operational and mainly used for the carrying corn and maize during the harvesting seasons.
Armscor, which is situated close to Prieska and Copperton provides many working opportunities for
skilled and unskilled labourers. The diamond mines around Prieska are also an economic injection for
the town as well as the property market.
Adjacent to Prieska are irrigation farms next to the river, and further to the east, west and north are
well established sheep, cattle and goat farms. This area is exceptionally suited for game, particularly
springbok and Kudu.
Prieska is renowned for its semi-precious stones such as the tiger-eye. The municipal offices have a
display of the Shumann Rock collection. Wonderdraai is a wonderful freak of nature where the flow
of the Orange River has formed an island in the shape of a horse shoe, creating an optical illusion of
the river flowing upstream. On top of the Prieska Koppie is a Fort which was built by the British
soldiers during the Anglo Boer War (1899 - 1902). It was built with the popular tiger eye stone. The
memorial garden situated in town incorporates graves of British soldiers killed during the Angelo
Boer War.
Prieska is a tranquil town with minimal crime and offers a secure environment for families to raise
children. The area enjoys long and hot summers with a rainy season that starts early October and
ends early April. The winter mornings and evenings are cold while the days are sunny and pleasant.
Prieska has numerous spacious residential stands. It has older historic houses with wooden floors as
well as new modern and newly built houses. Many of the properties have boreholes and irrigation-
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