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The Woodstock Peace Garden, known as ‘the jungle in an urban jungle’, is a community urban farm, school playground, autism awareness park and landscaper's yard.

The Woodstock Peace Garden was started back in 2008 when Bruce Beyer of Co-Creators Landscaping approached Nerina Kearns, principal of the Alpha School for Autism, to see if they could, in partnership with the Woodstock community, turn an unused field into a ‘field of opportunity’.

Co-Creators store their landscaping tools, plants, soils and rocks here while autistic school children play in and explore the labyrinth and natural environment. The Woodstock community is able to make use of this beautiful space to grow food gardens, recycle their green refuse, walk their dogs, play and share picnics with their children, exercise or just simply relax. There are also free Tai Chi classes every Monday and Friday between 8 and 9am.

In order to save water and to spread food security awareness, the Woodstock Peace Garden is exploring and demonstrating aquaponics and they process branches for chipping and kitchen waste for composting using bokashi, earthworms and black soldier flies.

The garden has working models of worm farms, bokashi, aquaponics, composting, recycling, re-use, food plants, food forests, urban agriculture, waterless composting toilets, vertical gardens, urban regeneration, a nursery, water management, and permaculture.

The Garden is open early mornings and late afternoons and Barney Barnard is available on Saturdays to give tours between 9 and 11 am.

They urge volunteers to help with upkeep and if you would like to contribute funding for much-needed resources and in order to create employment opportunities for autistic students, be sure to contact Bruce Beyer on 083 556 3143 or via email at

Address: 97 Balfour Street, Woodstock

Tel: +27 21 447 5595



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