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With the first winter rains already making an appearance in March, we are reminded of just how wet a good winter can be. While still about two months away, now may be a great time to start prepping your home.

Start with the essential maintenance pertaining to potential leaks and damp that need to be attended to. Once the wet weather arrives, water- and damp-proofing will be difficult to undertake, so rather get it done now. Be sure to also check whether your exterior woodwork needs to be sealed.

Check drainage and gutters which may need to be cleaned after the windy summer season to ensure adequate water flow.

It is also a good time to check for airy windows and doors and to get some rubber edgings fitted to ensure that your home remains cosy and warm. Next, check that your heating system is still in good working order. Stock up on gas, or if you have wood burning fireplaces, stock up on enough wood to last to the end of winter and into early spring.

Some good news as the City of Cape Town announced relaxing some of the Level 3 Water Restrictions and you can now water your garden within certain times. That said, be sure to continue harvesting rainwater for the garden and other non-potable needs. A reminder to check that your tank is clean before the onset of the rainy season and remember to turn off your swimming pool and ensure it is covered for the winter.

A reminder that the City of Cape Town's General Valuation Roll for 2018 (GV2018) is open for inspection and objection, in person until 29 March 2019, or online until 30 April 2019. Visit the COCT (City of Cape Town) web portal for more information and objections, at

The objection process is quite short, and the court has already ruled that objection forms must be correctly completed, and reasons given for the proposed objections. Following the correct process is therefore vital.

You will need to provide a substantiated motivation to get the stated value lowered, and for this, will need a professional valuation to support your objection.

An accurate valuation requires more than a standard CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and it is best to make use of a seasoned local agent who understands the nuances of the local market and can provide an accurate assessment and advice. Property values differ greatly, not just in terms of land and property size and improvements, but often, the location within the suburb and proximity to certain amenities also play a role.

Once you have a more accurate valuation, you will need to download the prescribed form and submit it either in person (by the 29th March), or online (by the 30th April). You could also make use of a professional registered valuer or attorney/s if warranted to handle your objection. The objection will be assessed by a municipal valuer who will either agree and amend the valuation/s or reject it. In some instances, the appeal board will need to confirm the adjustments. An appeal process is also provided for.

Home is our Story and property my passion. Getting your home valued by Seeff could be the best move that you could make. Your property value will affect the rates that you will pay for the next 3 to 4 years. Feel free to contact us today.


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