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There's no doubt South Africa's a wonderful place to live. We're blessed with sunny weather, breathtaking landscapes, delicious food and a colourful heritage. With a tough economic climate, it's easy to forget what we have. But, we shouldn't. That's the sentiment of #ImStaying, a Facebook group spreading positive vibes about Mzansi. 

What is #ImStaying?

#ImStaying was launched on 7 September. It unites locals of all races, cultures, genders, religions and creeds who want to grow and improve the country. The group (now an NGO) has attracted over 785 thousand followers and evolved into a huge movement. It's raised over R90 000 through BackaBuddy which it will use to boost the economy. 

Why stay in Kimberley? 

There's been a flood of feel-good tales on the platform. Here are some that will make you proud to live in the city. 

The good samaritan

A few years ago, Johan Heila Smith visited Kimberley. His group had a cold drink at a hotel and decided to check out the museums outside town. Then tragedy struck. They realised they had left a handbag behind. Luckily, there was a happy ending.

"Our bank made contact with us. A lady at the hotel found my bag outside where I was sitting. She used my bank card to get the bank to get a hold of us. Not even a slip or cent was missing when it was returned."

A helping hand

On 18 October, a Kimberley convoy filled with essentials departed from the area. They carried supplies for the people and animals of drought-stricken Vosburg. Mia Donoghue, who shared the touching video in the group, said: "It humbles me that people who are also experiencing drought will give to those who need it more. That's why #ImStaying."

The friendly face

Kgalebanteka Bapaletswe attended a friend's funeral in Venda (Thohoyandou). When his car's brake pads needed fixing, he headed to a nearby workshop. The mechanic had also been at the funeral and went beyond in his service. He sourced the brake pads personally and took Kgalebanteka's family to buy ice for their drinks. He even refused payment for his work. As Kgalebanteka recalls fondly, "He simply said: "Motho ke motho ka batho babang" (A person is a person because of other people). 

The spirited sprinters

The Kimberley parkrun is a 5 km run held every Saturday at 7 am. The free event is known for bringing the community together for a healthy and fun activity. Joanne van der Walt shared this heartwarming picture of a diverse pair making the final sprint. The expression on the young boy's face is just priceless. "How cute is this?" commented Simóne Gomez-Cuadrado. We totally agree, Simone.

Coming to the rescue

Dave Jack was on a motorcycle trip to the Cape. Everything was fine until he hit some debris and got a puncture. He was 70 km away from the overnight stop in Kimberley with no help in sight. Or so one would think. A number of locals stopped to help. Eventually, he was towed to Kimberley. Despite it being after hours, the local Tiger Wheel & Tyre took in his bike and quickly repaired it.  

Dave remains grateful: "South Africans are generally incredible people and I experienced it first hand. A massive thank you to all who came to our rescue."

These #ImStaying stories are truly inspiring. They showcase the community spirit South Africans share. The Kimberley narratives, in particular, strike at the heart of South African living. Considered moving to the area? With Seeff Kimberley, you can go from #ImStaying to #ImThriving. Check out our listings and contact us today.

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