#HeritageDay: Diversity matters wherever you live

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As a South African, you're part of a rich tapestry of cultural diversity. This is the essence of Heritage Day, a time to celebrate everything that makes us unique. Whether you dance to Nkalakatha, move to John Cena or groove to Dames. Whether you munch down on bunny chows, bite into boerewors rolls or devour chakalaka and papa. Your identity makes our rainbow nation what it is. 

Diversity is a beautiful thing, especially in your community. "Is it?", you might say in true Mzansi style. "Of course, chomie", we'd reply. Here's how living in a community of Govenders, Ngcobos and Smiths can enrich your life.

Become more trusting

Heritage Day's rallying cry is that we are united in diversity. The nation belongs to everyone. We can only reap the rewards by building bonds with others. Studies show this is possible in diverse communities. With positive day-to-day contact, people across ethnic backgrounds can break through any feelings of distrust they might have. 

Make new friends

Remember this famous Klipdrift advert? The South African dream it presents can be possible when people live in diverse areas. A series of studies uncovered some intriguing results. In racially diverse metropolitan areas, people are more likely to tweet prosocial concepts. They're more likely to have reported helping a stranger in the past month. People are also more likely to identify with all of humanity. How great is that?

Empower yourself

When your neighbourhood is a cultural and racial melting pot, the results are delicious. New ideas can challenge you to do things differently. Research found that women in ethnically diverse communities, for example, are better informed about health issues. They're also more empowered in making health care decisions. 

Better for your kids

Your kids are your pride and joy. Diversity can make them the best versions of themselves. Babies who hear a variety of different languages outside their homes may be more willing to learn from people who don't speak their native language. By taking their social cues from diverse sources, it can also broaden the way they interact with others. 

Bring new experiences

People from other racial and cultural backgrounds can open up your world. Struggling for a weekend activity? Need a fresh eye on your remodelling project? Or want to taste new cuisines? Your neighbour could be the key. By embracing diversity, you'll enjoy rich, colourful and fulfilling experiences.

Good for your health

A diverse community can help you get fit. One study found an increase in racial diversity is linked to peak physical activity in urban areas. Your exercise habits could be positively influenced by your neighbour. If they're doing something new and exciting, it can encourage you to try it out. This is the kind of peer pressure we can get behind! 

Building a vibrant community

People need opportunities to interact across ethnic lines. Public spaces play an important role in bringing everyone closer. Beaches, parks, markets, promenades can break down the barriers that often divide us. One coastal town in KwaZulu-Natal boasts all these factors that make all feel at home. 

Diversity in Amanzimtoti

Sunny Amanzimtoti is more than just a tourist haven. With its diverse demographics, it is the quintessential South African town. The area's beaches and bird sanctuary unite people across backgrounds who share a common love of nature. Local organisations like Sisonke Surf Club and businesses have made a concerted effort for diversity. Amanzimtoti is even showing Heritage Day spirit with a bring and braai event at Lords & Legends Sports Cafe. You can learn more about the area by contacting our area specialists agents. 

As a born-and-bred South African company, we'll be flying our flag high tomorrow. We encourage you to take a moment and appreciate everything that makes our country such a wonderful place to live.

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Amanzimtoti, KwaZulu Natal

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