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Our Agents

Our agents are waiting to assist you with all of your buying and selling needs.

Maria Esterhuysen
Tel: 064460555
Mobile: 081 140 5000
Joanne Esterhuizen
Tel: 064460555
Mobile: 085 235 5000
Charleen Esterhuizen
Tel: 064460555
Mobile: 081 163 5000
Marnie Venables
Tel: 064460555
Mobile: 081 146 5000

Our Areas

Why not take a look at what we have available in our list of areas.

Dolfynstrand | For Sale (6)
Heavy Industrial | For Sale (6)
Kuisebmund | For Sale (32)
Langstrand | For Sale (20)
Light Industrial | For Sale (55)
Long beach ext 1
Tehuti Hermis | For Sale (8) | To Rent (1)

Contact Us

Address: 12th Road Walvis Bay....Erf no: W1051

Coordinates: -22.9711098 , 14.4993255

Telephone: +(264) 64460555

Mobile: +(264) 855555000

Fax: +(264) 64406895

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