Hopetown at a glance

Hopetown lies at the edge of the Great Karoo on an arid slope leading down to the Orange River, named by the great explorer Colonel Robert Gordon in honour of William Prince of Orange.

The first diamond discovered in South Africa was found at Hopetown. It was the 23,25 carat Eureka, and soon after its discovery the 83,5 carat Star of Africa was found nearby. It was the discovery of this second diamond which started the South African diamond rush.

Most people imagine that it was the hope of striking it rich that resulted in this little village being called "Hopetown", but according to local legend, this is not so.

The locals say that the first owner of the farm "Duivenaarsfontein", on which Hope town was established was the Widow Van Niekerk, who wore a small silver anchor on a chain around her neck. Her servants had never seen such a device and asked her what it was.

She explained it was the symbol of hope. One of the servants was so impressed that he fashioned an anchor from wood and tin and in acknowledgement of his efforts she mounted this above the farmhouse door. Many years later, when the house was demolished, the anchor was carefully removed and attached to another house, and later still to another. In time it became the symbol of the town.

When the fist diamond was discovered, Hopetown lived up to its name

Today Hopetown is a settled farming community with schools, shops, restaurants, B&B’s a hospital and so much more.

All in all Hopetown is a small rural town where one enjoys good quality time with your loved ones, the crime rate is of the lowest in our country, we enjoy crisp clean air and some of the most beautiful sunsets .

Star gazing in Hopetown at night is great, the stars watched from here are brighter than when watched from most other parts in S.A. Hopetown is a wonderful place to live in and work in!

The services that we here at Seeff Hopetown are able to provide to prospective buyers and sellers are:
- General information about the political and economical situation of Hopetown
- Specific information about the infrastructure of the area such as schools, medical facilities, sporting facilities, road networks and security in Hopetown
- Specific agricultural information regarding issues such as chemicals and fertilizers, as well as agricultural market information

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Hopetown is ‘n plattelandse dorp waar mens ‘n kwaliteit lewe kan geniet. Die misdaadsyfer in Hopetown is een van die laagstes in die land en lug is nog skoon en vars! Hopetown het die mooiste sonsondergange en die sterre is ook die helderste in die nag as op enige ander plek. Hopetown is ‘n heerlike plek om te werk en te leef!

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