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Property For Sale > Gouritzriver, Mossel Bay

Farm For Sale

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WebRef: 404442

Gouritzriver Mossel Bay

Property Type


ERF SIZE : 284 hectares


Exclusive irrigated farm land with ample water and high capacity grazing fields

282 ha in the Vleesbaai area. This property has a registered water right of 135 000 cubic liters extracted from the Gouritz River.
The property has 38 ha under flood irrigation with 65 ha level ground for flood and pumped irrigation and 75ha dry land against the mountainside.
There is 104 ha of high capacity grazing for cattle and sheep of which the farm currently has 150 head of cattle and 250 sheep.
The farm additionally has an excellent ostrich farming facility and is registered to market ostriches internationally, the allocated quota is 150 birds.
The property is ideal for wheat, barley and superdam.
Currently, there is 1500 square meters of Roll on Lawn with the necessary equipment to work the grass.

Area Information

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Jaco Snyman
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071 603 1962
About Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay is a picturesque holiday town at the start of the exquisite Garden Route. There is a wide selection of exclusive seaside properties and real estate with incredible sea and mountain views, as well as residential houses, apartments, security villages and guesthouses. Mossel Bay has a long history, as it was the first landfall of the Portuguese explorer Bartholomew Diaz in 1488, more than 500 years ago. The climate of Mossel Bay is as spectacular as the scenery. The area has been recorded as having one of the most moderate climates in the world, second only to Hawaii. Average temperatures are between 14 and 20 degrees Celsius and rainfall averages around 400mm per year. Seeff Mossel Bay can assist you with all types of residential property and real estate for sale and rental including houses, apartments, cluster developments, security complexes, land and guesthouses.

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