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Upington Property - Northern Cape

Upington is situated in the north-central part of the Northern Cape province.

Upington offers property and real estate investors a large selection of properties ranging from large houses to smaller homes, apartments, security villages, retirement complexes and guest houses.

Upington is a substantial, most pleasant town and a major road, rail and air centre that serves the farms and ranches of the vast Northern Cape interior. Upington, named after a Cape colonial prime minister, lies on the banks of the Orange River, whose reaches and midstream islands are lush with irrigated vineyards and plantations of date-palms, cotton, lucerne and various fruits. These fruits include saltanas and raisins and the area draws much of its prosperity from the dried-fruit industry.

The flattish, sandy Kalahari plains to either side of the river also sustain cattle and karakul sheep, whose wool is known as Persian lamb, and yield a large number and variety of semi-precious stones. Some of these are amethyst and beryl, agate, jasper, rose quartz, tourmaline and tiger's eye as well as rubies and the occasional gem-quality diamond.

The town is noted for, among other things, its unusually long (1,067-metre) railway bridge and 5.5-kilometre airport runway, said to be the southern hemisphere's longest, and is a convenient stopover for travelers on their way to either the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park or the splendid Augrabies falls.

Upington was founded in 1871 as a mission station. The first cleric, Christian Schroder, launched the region's first irrigation scheme. Cultivated lands now stretch beyond the town of Kakamas some 80 kilometres to the west.

Kanon Eiland, 25 or so kilometres downstream is one of the bigger and more developed of the densely wooded islands which, together, once served as a refuge for sections of the warlike Korana folk, river-pirates and rustlers whose raiding forays in the 1860s provoked three punitive military expeditions from distant Cape Town.

Seeff Upington can assist you with all types of residential property for sale or rental including houses, apartments, cluster developments, security villages, land and guesthouses.

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