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Namibia's capital of Windhoek is the biggest city in the country. Property and real estate investors can select from a range of different property types including large houses, smaller homes and apartments, security villages, vacant land and guest houses. The pretty town, beautifully situated in a valley, combines the architecture of a modern city with numerous buildings in the style of the German colonial era. The influence of the German language and culture is still present in many sectors. There are German restaurants where one can have German bread and beer and the German carnival is even celebrated. Almost everywhere one can get by in German, though the official language is English. Afrikaans is also spoken (it used to be the official language during the South African mandate) as well as African languages. The Republic of Namibia is located in south-western Africa.

The border to South Africa is marked by the Orange river in the south. The northern national boundary to Angola runs mainly along the Kunene, Kavango and Zambesi rivers. The border to Botswana in the east runs along the 20th and 21st degrees longitude through the Kalahari desert. In the west, a rugged coastline is created by the Atlantic Ocean. Namibia is one of the most arid regions in Africa. Precipitation in many parts of the country usually stays far below 500 mm per annum. The extensive sand dunes of the Namib desert, bare of any vegetation and up to 300 kilometres wide, stretch along the whole length of the coast. To the east of this coastal desert belt, a mountain range, strongly fissured and with sparse plantlife, rises up to 2000 metres and more. Further east, the mountain ranges gradually lower into a vast plateau. Here, the landscape is characterized by endless 'thornvelds' and open bushland.

Namibia is one of the least densely populated countries in the world. Namibia with its scenic beauty, the rich wildlife, its interesting history and the friendly people has developed into an attractive travel destination.

Seeff Windhoek can assist you with all types of residential property and real estate for sale and rental including houses, apartments, cluster developments, security complexes, land and guesthouses. We are also able to deal with any queries you may have about agricultural land.

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